Coming Fall 2023!

As long as Beau Hawthorne has known anything, he knows Gifteds are extinct. Once powerful creatures with superhuman abilities, Gifteds were killed for betraying the humans and trying to overthrow the king. For their deceit, they were driven into extinction. 

Now, Beau longs to be a scholar in the capital of Alsida and to escape the cruel and cold estate on which he was raised. His adoptive father sends him onto a mission into town, where a twist of fate ends with him being attacked. A stranger saves him and tells him why he was targeted. 

Beau is a Gifted. They had never gone extinct. They had gone into hiding. Enlisted as a key player in a game he didn’t know was possible, Beau must work with his new friends to stop the threat lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Five Gifteds must rise up and save the kingdom before the brink of war destroys Alsida and everyone in it. 

With immersive world-building, scintillating action, and characters that leap off the page, Gifted is perfect for fans of Red Queen, The Prison Healer, and Throne of Glass.

Preorders will be live soon!